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Your Mental Health – Time to put it first.

What do you think of when you think of resting? About looking after your Mental Health? Do any of the following phrase’s spring to mind “I don’t have time to rest.” “I can’t afford to rest” “I don’t get as much rest as I need.”?

Sometimes, thanks to our devices, we find that we may try to rest but then a little alert goes off. We can’t help but check the notification and before we know it, we’ve been summoned back into action. Whereas we used to clock off when we left the office or job site, our work can now follow us home. We can easily start to lose boundaries, just from being a diligent worker.

Or perhaps you do set aside time to rest, but still feel tired afterwards?

Whether you realize it or not, all of these things can have a quick and draining effect on your mental health.

Research has shown that long periods of business and stress can have a physiological effect on our bodies. These periods or even very intense workdays can activate our “Fight or Flight” response.

“Fight or Flight” mode is our response to escaping a threat –our body increases our heart rate and levels of adrenaline and cortisol, and redirects blood away from our internal organs to our muscles. This gives us the energy and power to run away or fight the threat. There is nothing unusual about the body entering this state occasionally when we are stressed. – (

However, when we stay in this state for prolonged periods of time it can start to cause bigger problems for us. Raised blood pressure, insomnia and depression can all result from this.

This could be leaving you still feeling tired even if you’ve taken time to “rest”. For you Mental Health, there’s nothing more vital.

Time to look after our Mental Health

What we need to do is consciously leave “fight or flight” and allow our bodies to enter the “rest and digest” mode. This system restores balance; it lowers our heart rate, reduces adrenaline and cortisol in the body, and redirects blood back to the internal organs. In this “Rest and Digest” state, our bodies have a more effective immune response and natural ability to self-heal. – (

To enter this state, we need more than just a nap. We need to rest all aspects of our wellbeing. We need to rest our body, mind and “soul”. This is where we suggest scheduling in some very important “me time.”

Our facilities at Seomra Salainn are designed to do just that. To help you disconnect from the busy world around you and embrace conscious rest. With a variety of therapies to choose from the hardest part of your day will clicking the “book” button online after planning out your rest time.

All our services not only encourage the body to relax but they come with a wide variety of other benefits.

A session in our Iso-pod floatation tank helps the muscles to relax and the brain switch off. Studies indicate that floating increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterwards. Without the need to fight gravity or take-in external information, you’ll likely experience the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt.

Our Breathe & Detox suite is a perfect contender to follow up with. You will experience our one of a kind ‘Halo IRTM’. Your body will be able to rest, digest and repair as you feel the warmth of the infrared sauna and breathe in the micro salt particles being dispersed. The salt can help to rejuvenate your skin, clean your respiratory system and also creates an environment that is charged with negative ions- which can lower stress levels.

During the Breathe & Detox session you will also experience, red light therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Each enhancing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in its own way. (You can find out more about these specific therapies on our website- just click the ‘our services button’!) You can even opt to listen to a guided meditation or your own “chill out” playlist during the session.

These are just two of our services that can help you to take a step into conscious rest. Rest that focuses on body, mind and soul.

After these sessions it is likely that you will find improvement in your energy, ability to cope with stress, your mental health and potentially your overall productivity. Rest actually improves our performance. One study found that when people have predictable and consistent time off work, they are actually more productive overall because they feel more mentally rested, which increases motivation and work enjoyment (Perlow & Porter, 2009)

So basically, if you’re worried about losing time because of “rest” you’re actually inhibiting your productivity. You will accomplish far more by scheduling in time to rest. Limit the chances of you losing this rest time by scheduling in a session with us at Seomra Salainn. We even have a family salt room with toys for the kids, a tv screen with netflix access and some great chairs to chill out in as you reap the benefits of halotherapy.

Rest is a vital part of our wellbeing. We hope to see you soon at Seomra Salainn, a holistic centre designed to help you leave stress at the door and give you a totally immersive relaxation experience.

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