Ice Bath

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Seomra Salainn Ice Baths

How can it help you?

The use of cold water therapy is recommended for promoting health or managing disease, according to research.

Although it has a long history, it’s primarily used to speed up healing after injuries, ease joint pain, and speed up recovery from exercise.

Seomra Salainn Ice Baths

How it works

Cold water immersion triggers biological reactions in the body reserved for our survival.

By controlling the water’s temperature and the time we’re immersed, we take the health benefits without facing the real dangers our ancient biology is designed to protect us from.

The Norepinephrine effect

The greatest biological influence that cold exposure has on the body is the vast increase in Norepinephrine production. A consistent 200-300% rise that doesn’t diminish over time.

Focus the mind

Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter. The boost improves our focus, attention span, how alert we are, as well as learning capacity and memory recall.

To shiver or not to shiver

Shivering activates muscle tissue, using up glucose as fuel to generate heat. Chemicals produced in this reaction contribute to the reversal of diet-induced obesity.

Seomra Salainn Ice Baths

Protect your body

Anti-inflammatory Adiponectin

When we’re exposed to the cold, studies show that the hormone ’Adiponectin’ can increase by up to 70%. Made and released in fat cells, Adiponectin combats inflammation.

It also reduces blood sugar levels by moving glucose to our muscles, making our bodies more sensitive to insulin in the process.

Protein power

Cold exposure increases our metabolism at a cellular level. Production of a protein called ‘PGC-1alpha’ is stimulated when we immerse ourselves in the cold.

It’s another target for pharmaceutical giants in their development of treatments for obesity, diabetes and cardiomyopathy. In muscle tissue, the increased energy released heightens our aerobic capacity, improving endurance and fatigue resistance.

Ice Bath Benefits
Seomra Salainn Ice Baths

Immune boosting

The anecdotal evidence supporting the view that cold water immersion boosts the immune system is overwhelming. Studies where we hear “I haven’t been ill for years” are in no short supply.

But, because the immune system is one of the most complex functions in the human body there are no robust scientific studies that can prove it – yet. 

Their production of the body’s strongest antioxidant ‘glutathione’ is also increased. Just 3 cold water sessions over a 6 week period were shown to increase lymphocyte numbers.

Lymphocytes are one of the body’s main types of immune cells. One study even found that males exposed to 4°c for only 30 minutes showed an increased number of virus eliminating cells called ‘Killer T cells.

Seomra Salainn Ice Baths

Did you know?

Norepinephrine also acts as a hormone. It’s central in allowing the body to trigger a process called ‘thermogenesis’ – when the body warms itself without shivering. This is most common in people who practice cold water immersion regularly.

To do this, Norepinephrine burns brown fat. Recent cold exposure studies found that 60% of the heat generated by the participants was produced by their bodies burning brown fat.

Picture of ice cubes
Seomra Salainn Ice Baths

Cold Water Therapy

Sink into the ice and feel the fire. From cold water swimmers to ancient Spartan soldiers, Navy SEALs, philosophers, monks and mystics, cold water immersion has powered-up minds and bodies from different cultures and countries throughout history.

Body & Mind Recovery Packages

Our specially designed Body & Mind Recovery Packages combine hot, cold, compression, and massage therapies to provide a comprehensive approach to wellness, helping you achieve optimal physical and mental rejuvenation.
FAQs: Your Questions Answered at Seomra Salainn


Here is our list of frequently asked questions, if we are missing a question, you think is important, please email us at so we can add it to these and make your experience even more relaxing.

What do I wear while using the Ice Bath?

We ask that you wear swimwear.

Do I need to shower before a session?

Yes, we ask that you rinse down with just water before using our Ice Bath.

Is there ice in the bath?

Unless you are a seasoned user of Ice baths it will be preset at 3 Degrees Celsius, ice will only form at 0.5 degrees Celsius. However, our Brass Monkey ice bath uses an engine to regulate and maintain the very low temperatures therefore actual ice is not needed.

Can more than one person attend a session?

We ask that one person at a time for your Recovery Or Chill Out to allow you fully focus on the benefits of the session.

What must I bring for my session?

Just you and swimwear, we provide towels and toiletries for showering.

Is the Ice Bath Suite private?

All our suites in the Wellness Centre are private allowing you to relax and get the full experience without interruption.

What are the conditions that will prohibit the use of the Ice Bath?

Please see our full list of contraindications on our website or when completing your waiver before attending your first sessio with us.

How long does a session last?

The session is a part of our Recovery Or Chill Out Sessions, we would recommend between 3-5 mins in total to get the full benefits of the Ice Bath, however your maximum time should be 10 minutes. Please note you must:

  • Showering BEFORE your ice bath session is compulsory and we
    kindly request that you use the towel and floor mat provided.
  • We have set the shower temperature so please do not alter it to avoid damage, tingling or pain to your skin after
    experiencing the temperature of the Ice Bath.
Is it ok to eat before a session?

We would ask that you avoid a big meal beforehand.

What temperature is the Ice Bath at?

It is set at 3 degrees Celsius.

What should I do if I do not feel well?

Stop immediately, and pull the red cord in the room for emergencies and we will attend to you as soon as we are free.

How do I get into the ice bath?

We recommend you may want to first expose your feet and lower legs. Then when you feel comfortable, you can move further into the ice bath so the water comes up toward your chest. We also recommend using the Box Breathing technique during the session.

What do I do if I feel light-headed after the session?

Slowly get out of the bath. Pull the red cord if you need any assistance. Take a seat, take a deep breath if needed, and drink some water provided to help settle yourself.

When is the best time to use an ice bath?

We recommend to get the most for your session you get in an ice bath just after a workout or exercise routine. If you wait more than an hour after the workout, the healing and inflammatory processes in the body have already started or have already finished.

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