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How can it help you?

While Salt Therapy is commonly associated with physical self-care, it can be a consistent element in enhancing your mental care routine which we at Seomra Salainn Salt Rooms & Holistic Centre provide in our two salt rooms and now our exclusive Breathe & Detox Suite all of which provide a space for relaxation & healing.

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2 Salt rooms availible

One for adults and the other for kids. Both using a halogenerator to send micro-particles of salt into the room of less than 0.5 mircrons, allowing it to be inhaled & contact affected areas of your skin.

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Adult Salt Therapy Room

A spacious room designed for optimal relaxation while naturally improving your wellness. At Seomra Salainn Salt Therapy, we provide comfortable lounge chairs paired with ambient lighting and a variety of music to allow you to disconnect from your busy schedule. This room allows 4 people at a time.

Our clients are also more than welcome to bring their own music, books, and activities to do for the duration of the 1 hour therapy session.

Family Salt Therapy Room

At Seomra Salainn Salt Therapy, allows parents and children to enjoy their 1-hour session together in our family salt room while benefiting from the salt therapy session in normal surroundings.

We provide buckets, spades & wheelbarrow’s to play in over 1 tonne of natural dry sea salt along with a 50-inch flat-screen TV, connected to Netflix to catch up on any available movies and tv shows to your liking. Alike our adult rooms, we welcome our clients to also bring their own toys, books and activities that can enhance their therapy experience.

Suitable for up to a family of 6, minimum booking is for 2 people, please note this is a private session and you do not share the room with anyone else. This we feel allows you and your child or family to relax more.

Seomra Salainn

Why Salt Therapy?

Antibacterial & anti-viral in nature

It inhibits, and in some cases, destroys bacteria in the respiratory tract. It removes pathogens (mould, bacteria, allergens) to clear and assist in the self-cleaning recovery of the respiratory area. Elimination of obstructing secretions leads to the organic and sustainable eradication of pathogens and irritants.


Produces anti-inflammatory properties that have been scientifically proven to be the root cause of many diseases. Anti-infection resistance of the body was noted by the detection of phagocytes in blood composition.

Boosts the Immune System

The antimicrobial properties of the salt we use are impressive and have been found to boost the immune system while normalizing measurements of reduced immunity.

Progressive Relaxation

To nix tension from head to toe, close the eyes and focus on tensing and relaxing each muscle group for two to three seconds each. Start with the feet and toes, then move up to the knees, thighs, rear, chest, arms, hands, neck, jaw and eyes — all while maintaining deep, slow breaths. Having trouble staying on track? Try breathing in through the nose, hold for a count of five while the muscles tense, then breathe out through the mouth on release. When it works best: One word of caution: Dizziness is never the goal. If holding your breath ever feels uncomfortable, tone it down to just a few seconds at most.

Mucolytic effects

It loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport, it also eliminates pathogen agents (airborne pollen)and lessens IgE levels (immune system oversensitivity)

Guided Visualization

Head straight for your “happy place,” no questions asked. Breathe deeply while focusing on pleasant, positive images to replace any negative thoughts. Guided visualization helps puts you in the place you want to be, rather than letting your mind go to the internal dialogue that is stressful. When it works best: Pretty much any time and place you can safely close your eyes and let go! Level of difficulty: Intermediate While stress, frustration, and other daily setbacks will always be there, the good news is, so will our breath. Consider using one of many breathing and or guided meditation apps available. Here are a few suggestions.
Breathing Zone-Relaxing Breathing 3-Minute Mindfulness: Meditation and Breathing Breathe Deep-Personal Assistant for Breathing Yogic Breath Breath Pacer

Salt Therapy

How it began?

Salt has been used for healing purposes all over the world since ancient times.  Specifically, Salt Therapy originated about 150 years ago in Eastern Europe with Dr Bochkovsky’s discovery of health benefits mine workers attained working the mines.  They rarely suffered from respiratory ailments, lung disease, or colds.  He attributed this to the inhalation of dry salt aerosol on a daily basis, also called Salt Therapy or Halotherapy. With no airborne pollutants or humidity, and a stable temperature, Salt Mines proved beneficial for healthy lungs & skin.  People with asthma, allergies, emphysema and other respiratory & skin problems began heading to salt mines ( for Salt Therapy )  in hopes of benefiting from breathing the healing dry aerosol found deep underground. Modern Technology, using a special halo generator, has brought the benefits of Salt Therapy/Halotherapy (Halos in Greek means salt), to people without having to travel to salt caves in Europe & Asia.

The source of the salt is 250 million years old huge deposits of the purest rock salt which have been formed from the rippling waters of a shallow bay of the ancient Permian Sea. Since natural salt caves and salt mines are not conveniently accessible for most people, the conditions of the salt caves were recreated by using Salt Therapy/Halotherapy. Dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 0.3 to 1µm. in size is produced by our halo generator and released into the Salt Room in an aerosol form.

salt therapy

How it starts to work on your Respiratory & Skin Conditions in a session?

During a session, clients breathe in the dry, salt-enriched air into the lungs, the salt is so fine it reaches deep into the lungs and begins to kill bacteria, reduce the inflammation and loosen phlegm, which begins to clear quite quickly in most clients leading to increasing lung capacity. The salt has a similar effect on the skin as it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect on it and assists in reducing your IgE levels which lessens your skin’s sensitivity to allergies.

A series of Salt Therapy sessions will mean the following for you in your daily life

Salt Therapy is a non-medical, complementary treatment which has no side effects when used with your medication. Salt Therapy is not a cure; it is a complementary therapy to mainstream medical treatments.

salt therapy

salt therapy is a natural way to improve your overall health

who does it help ?
Salt therapy may give relief to these respiratory conditions
Salt therapy may give relief to these skin conditions
FAQs: Your Questions Answered at Seomra Salainn

Salt Therapy

Here is our list of frequently asked questions, if we are missing a question, you think is important, please email us at so we can add it to these and make your experience even more relaxing.

What to wear
  • Wear comfortable, light-coloured clothing to avoid noticeable salt particles.
  • Any salt visible on your clothing can be brushed off easily after the session.
  • For the treatment of skin conditions, we recommend wearing short sleeves tops and/or shorts, changing room available.
Prior to the start of a session
  • Please sanitise your hands before entering the Salt Rooms.
  • We kindly ask you to arrive 5 minutes earlier for all appointments thereafter.
  • The sessions will start on time. We will not be able to extend the session time if you are late due to other clients in the same session.
  • We provide shoe covers but would ask to bring spare sockets where possible.
During your session
  • We do not recommend exposing any electronic devices as the salt microcrystals can damage your devices, which we will not be responsible for.
  • If you do use your phone, it is advised to put it in a clear plastic bag and to lower the brightness to not distract the other clients.
  • Phone conversations are not permitted and all mobile phones must be on silent (not vibrate) at all times.
  • Food & Drinks are not permitted in the Salt Rooms, water only. Please bring water with you for the session.
The Adult Therapy Room
  • There can be up to 4 adults present at any one time.
  • With respect to other clients, please by keeping conversations to a minimum.
  • You are welcome to bring your own devices to listen to music or a podcast. However, we advise you to leave them outside and allow yourself to detox.
The Family Salt Therapy Room
  • The room can fit up to a family of 6.
  • With respect to the other clients, please maintain an appropriate noise level.
  • We have Netflix available for the session, just let us know on arrival your movie choice.
  • All Family room sessions are private sessions for one booking at a time.
  • There is a minimum booking of a family of 2 for each session.
Side effects after the treatment?
  • You may experience a slight throat tickle which can be alleviated by drinking water.
  • Highly sensitive individuals may experience slight skin irritation/red patches, however, will typically go away after multiple sessions.
  • You may experience increased coughing. This is a good sign the therapy is working as it’s supporting a natural method of ridding mucus build-u
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“The natural way to improve your wellness”

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“The natural way to improve your wellness”

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“The natural way to improve your wellness”