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Croup, Benefits of Salt Therapy – Real Life

Here is a real life effect of Salt Room therapy for a child who suffers from Croup, showing the benefits of weekly visits over the winter months.

Is your child suffering from Croup?

Croup, also known as laryngotracheobronchitis, is a type of respiratory infection that is usually caused by a virus. Which results in inflammation of the larynx, trachea and the bronchi. This results in the air passage becoming restricted due inflammation.

This sees children with the following symptoms

o Difficulties breathing

o Cold symptoms

o Runny nose

o Barking Cough

o Fever

o Sore throat

o Hoarse voice

o Loss of appetite

How does salt therapy give relief to the above?

The salt particles are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and super absorbent. During a session the salt naturally starts to absorb allergens, toxins, and foreign substances into their lungs and through the respiratory tract and assists in reducing the inflammation and opening up their airways. In simple terms, the pure sodium chloride particles break up and clear all the “BAD STUFF”.

Other benefits?

o It also assists in reducing your IgE levels meaning your body does not overreact as much to allergy triggers.

o Builds up the immune system as the sessions do a deep clean of the sinus cavities and respiratory tract, this reduces the toxic load on the immune system.

oThe anti-viral properties can help clear the mucus and phlegm that is causing the cough.

oThe salt we use is naturally antibacterial and so it can prevent infections.

oA clean respiratory system will see a higher oxygen intake resulting in increased energy.

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