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Allergy Season – Prevention is better than cure

Why wait for your allergies to be a problem to get relief from? Start your Salt Therapy sessions now and build up your immune system and those in your family who suffer also.

Did you know what are the most common seasonal allergens and when they occur?

Tree pollen—March/April

Grass pollen—June/July



The body’s immune system overreacts to outdoor stimulants such as mould spores and pollen.

Symptoms include itchy, watery eyes; tickly throat; and stuffy, runny nose.

If you’re one of the 29% of the Irish who suffers from allergies, your symptoms may bloom when the seasons change.

Itchy, watery eyes, a tickly throat, and a stuffy, runny nose can make you dread the onset of spring.

Allergies can make you feel miserable, really tired or fatigued on top of the symptoms mentioned above.

The pollen particles stick to mucus membranes, causing inflammation and irritation to the nose and eyes. For those who suffer extreme reactions, breathing can be affected, and asthma develops or worsen.

Why Salt Therapy?

Salt is a well-known decongestant; it reduces inflammation, widening the airway passages, restoring the regular transport of mucous secretion and free blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles, leading to rapid elimination of the residual tar and foreign allergens.

Improved drainage allows for the reduction of contaminants that may trigger or prolong allergic episodes.

Additionally, salt’s ability to absorb edema from swollen mucosa linings in the sinuses and respiratory tract opens airways to relieve symptoms quickly.

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